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Newest News in Diamond Polishing

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MAY 16, 2017 National Jeweler

Brought To You By Fire Polish

"Fire Polish is the first advancement in diamond beauty in the last 100 years. By cutting Nano Prisms (diffraction gratings) on the pavilion of a diamond, Fire Polish is able to increase the dispersion (FIRE) and scintillation (SPARKLE) of any diamond without adversely affecting the diamonds cut or brilliance. Up until now all of the available branded diamonds feature precision facet placement or the addition of strategically placed facets to increase the brilliance of diamonds; Fire Polish is the first and only cutting technique to substantially increase the fire of a diamond and its ability to sparkle.

What’s To Like:

  • The best part about The Fire Polish diamond brand is that you can see the added SPARKLE and FIRE with just the naked eye. Retail customers say “they can see the difference from across the store without using any awkward tools or viewing devices.” That means everyone can see the Fire Polish difference exactly the same; while in your store or when they take their diamonds home.

  • In focus groups 8 out of 10 consumers preferred Fire Polish Diamonds to traditionally cut diamonds and they would be willing to pay a premium to have a Fire Polished Diamond.

  • Fire Polish helps close more diamond sales. Consumers have more confidence and are more likely to purchase a diamond when they can visibly see the Fire Polish difference as compared to traditionally cut diamonds.

  • Fire Polish is a cutting technique recognized by the GIA and AGS. The Gemological Institute of America helped develop the Fire Polish cutting technique; its participation is documented in the winter 2010 edition of Gems & Gemology."

Now the back story to this cutting advancement. This break through is a collaboration between Caltech engineers with nanotechnology savvy (Benjamin Gudlewski & George Maltezos) who had an idea and sought out a premier diamond cutter (Gabi Tolkowsky) to apply their theory for " a new microlithography process to create high-resolution diffraction grating patterns on portions of certain facets" to "improve the dispersion of light and thus the amount of 'fire' in a diamond."*

'Fire' in a diamond is defined as the result of light passing through a diamond surface and breaking into its spectral colors. When you rock and tilt a diamond you should see more than just the white, reflected light, you should see the refracted light which has passed through the facets, and has had the 'fire' of the color spectrum released. The viewing of this play of light results in scintillation. Per the American Gem Society website, "Scintillation is the life of the diamond."

Sir Gabi's home is in Belgium and he is arguably the most notable diamond cutter living today. He is a 6th generation cutter and no novice to discovering better ways to coax scintillation from a diamond. He put the two nano pioneers in touch with his American associates at Suberi Bros. and they have partnered to bring the world this new discovery.

It has taken years to develop and bring to the market, now let's see how the market responds. Is there enough difference in the look to command a premium price? When you see one, let us know what you think.

*Article 'Nanofabrication', published in Gems and Gemology volume 45, pages 260-270, 2009; A. Gilbertson, B. Gudlewski, M. Johnson, George Maltezos, Axel Scherer, J Shigley