Flawless! de Grisogono's Creation I

The Art of de GRISOGONO.

163.41 ct. Emerald cut center diamond. Utter perfection and the culmination of over 6 months of expert artistry from multiple countries and continents.

Look closely, there is a baguette cut diamond on top of each of the four prongs . The basket setting, by itself involved 100 hours of skilled labor. Each of the 18 individual emerald cut diamonds, the center diamond basket and necklace are pave set with 399 brilliant cut diamonds, (2.17 ct. tw.). The two rows of 66 pear-shaped emeralds are set in a darkened gold background, (48ct. tw.)"creating the signature chiaroscuro effect." Round faceted emeralds are pavé set onto all the smooth surfaces from which the fringe of pear shape emeralds emanate.

It was pulled out of the Lucapa Angolan diamond mine February 4, 2016, as a rare Type IIA, 404.2 ct. clear crystal, the largest ever found in that country.

Most of us will never own a

natural wonder such as this magnificent emerald cut diamond. . We can still be amazed and appreciate how rare and stunning it is to behold.

The bold and daring designers at de Grisogono are fearless and fabulous. Where others may be intimidated by the rarity and magnitude of such a gem, Fawah Gruosi has no fear. He is, in fact, inspired and compelled to go where other designers, who built the foundation of grand design, went before him... so he could climb to the top ...and jump off. His works are reminiscent of the 'Modern Classic', opulent creations from Maurice Galli, for Harry Winston and Jean Schlumberger, for Tiffany. The details of the articulation and wear ability are similar to the engineering prowess of the renown House of Fabergé.

Meticulous collaboration and team work was necessary for this creation to come to life! This is a global work of art. Hand wrought by artisans of many cultures. I love this creation and I hope, as you see this, you will realize, that it was possible because of all the visionary and talented people, in concert, working toward the same goal, and led brilliantly; to achieve this magnificence. This is truly 'One of a Kind', through the efforts of many.

This is a lovely reminder of what is possible when diverse and unique people come together to create and enhance a natural gem. Creating sustainable beauty requires an amicable community effort. I will venture to say, the same principle applies to maintaining a beautiful world.

This work of art will be offered by Christie's in Geneva Switzerland on November 14, 2017

*Quote from DeGrisogono website description.