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What's New for Summer?

Twist on June's Birthstone - Pearl

Sculptor, artist, engineer and jewelry designer, Alex Soldier is a personal favorite for the whimsy, elegance and artistry of his designs. Warm earthy browns and ocean blues are perfect settings for the radiant luster of the pearls which they en-robe. The pearls themselves echo the glow of the summer's full moon. Perfectly curvy jewels for any lady.

Tiffany & Co. Photo

The whimsical theme continues this summer with Tiffany & Co. 'Everyday Objects' and Tiffany paper flowers collections. Over sized clothes pins juxtaposed to the delicate, platinum, 3 petal diamond & tanzanite floral arranged necklace, ($11,500) and an etched gold fish on a mouth blown glass bowl, ($500).

Small but mighty and adorable,

this TCO, yellow diamond, (yes the body is one diamond), firefly pendant is also part of the Tiffany Paper Flowers collection. (Individually priced)


Pearls appear this summer in one of designer Ippolita's new collections.

To the left a spiral ring

18 kt. yellow gold ($1295).

Spiraling around the ear, here are more orbs from the sea. ($2,400)

Though not pearl, this necklace reminds me of an ocean wave as it crashes upon the sand and foams on the shore. Here is a one of a kind, magnificent creation from

di grisogono. Let the summer fun begin!

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