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How Secure are your valuables?

Linus is one of the most lovable characters from Charles M. Schultz, the creator of the cartoon strip 'Peanuts'. Linus is inseparable from his security blanket. The only time you see him without it is when he is playing his piano. He even carries it into the outfield when they are playing baseball.

What have you done to bring your own sense of security or peace of mind? I recently read some startling statistics about home security. In a recently posted FBI report it was noted, most burglaries:

1. Happen in daytime

2. Thieves gain access through unlocked doors or windows

3. Happen in July and August

4. Small Valuables, Electronics, cash are taken

5. Home theft is slightly down but car theft is up

Security companies, Insurance companies and local police departments have suggestions for what you can do to make yourself less of a target to thieves. There is no guarantee that when you have taken all of those precautions, that you will not become a victim.

One thing you can do as an added security blanket, is to get appraisals on your valuable personal property items, such as jewelry, sterling flatware, musical instruments and artwork and list the items on your insurance. It is never too early to ask your insurance agent about coverage, But it can be too late!


You may not know what your valuables are worth, but a thief doesn't just take the items you remembered to appraise and insure. It would be wonderful if we could safely keep our doors unlocked, and trust the people we hire to do work inside and outside our homes. Unfortunately that is not reality.

Give yourself a sense of security with the ability to replace an item that gets lost, stolen or irreparably damaged. Update your appraisals and contact an insurance agent today. If you wait until tomorrow, next week or next year, you may be taking a gamble that could result in a loss of thousands of dollars in assets.

Find an accredited Graduate Gemologist, Appraiser who can produce a detailed report that conforms to Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP) standards for your jewelry & personal property. The professional identification, testing, description, photos and measurements will go a long way toward a seamless replacement of any 'insured item'. Being proactive will give you that sense of security and peace of mind.

If you have any questions about jewelry appraisals, please contact me at


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