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Wishing everyone the Best and Brightest New Year!


If you are travelling this holiday, safe travels. Please consider putting your valuables in a safe or safe deposit box. If you have been especially good and Santa has gifted you with new jewelry to add to your collection, remember to contact your insurance agent to include the new pieces on your policy.

Usually a current receipt will work to add the item, but if that is not enough, contact me or look up an accredited jewelry appraiser from the NAJA, ASA or AGS websites.

If you are travelling on a cruise or visiting foreign lands, do a little homework first. All of your touring, cruise and vacation companies have affiliations with merchants. They would love to separate you from your hard earned vacation dollars. They are experts at enticement. They have their scripts memorized and have an answer to all of your objections.

1. Educate yourself - what is this area famous for? Make informed purchases after knowing what gems originate there and what they are selling for at home.

2. Set a budget - Everything is negotiable and if you really have to have this item, do not go over your budget

3. Buyers remorse - Yes the cruises offer adult beverages that are free flowing, because they want your money to flow freely to them. Buy only from vendors who, in writing, will allow you to return the item (not just exchange) if you find out your are unhappy with it. DO READ THE FINE PRINT. Use a credit card that will help you with returns.

4. If you want to buy a piece of jewelry as a reminder of your travels, know what you might like to have and then look on line or in the stores in the US to see what it sells for here.

5. Look in the places that they recommend, but also look to see the locally owned outlets a little further from the tourist meccas, use Google etc. You may find better deals there.

Enjoy your travelling experience, but shop carefully. This advice is prompted by recent experiences with several clients. Jewelry should bring joy and happiness, and enhance the great memories of the trip. A memory is easily spoiled by a discovery that the jewelry you thought you had purchased is less then exactly as advertised.

Ring in the New Year with great Joy in anticipation of infinite opportunities and possibilities for Love and Prosperity.

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