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Business as (un)Usual

A year ago no one would have known what Covid-19 was. The US economy was steaming along in a sustained pattern of economic growth. One of the only constants is change. Today we have change in more ways than we could have imagined. We are a nation of resourceful and determined people and when we pull together we find solutions and often come out better than we began.

Jill's Jewelry Appraisals will continue to offer appraisal services as long as we are allowed. We will be mindful of social distancing, sanitizing, and privacy. We can offer curb side drop off and delivery. If you would like to arrange a private appraisal appointment please contact us by email or call 919.909.5100.

We pray for everyone's health and safety and we hope that the measures we are all taking to stem the spread of this virus will shorten the length of this emergency situation. We wish the best for all and hope for a better sense of normal soon.


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